Mastering the Blues...

It’s a lifetime’s passion, and with the Suzuki Bluesmaster you have the best companion to the blues along for the ride.

Enter, the Lizard Queen

Get inspired by the tones of EHX vintage fuzz.

Suzuki Melodions, since 1961.

Favoured by professional musicians & beginners alike, Suzuki Melodions have added much joy to the musical palette of players worldwide for over 60 years!

EHX Pedals

We supply the best effect pedals in the world to your local Australian store

Colour-shifting beauty

Shubb Pāua Pearl Capos are designed to enhance your guitar & performance.

Orchestral and Rock & Roll

We carry a great range of music products..

From Orchestral to Rock & Roll, Vibe Music supplies a wide range of the best music products in the world to your local Australian store.

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Buy With Assurance.

Buy With Assurance.

When you purchase from an Australian Authorised Dealer you have the assurance of after-sales local support.