The difference between the Suzuki Manji and other diatonic harmonicas.

The Suzuki Manji is a groundbreaking model that sets it apart from other 10-hole harmonicas in market. The core composite body contains resin and natural wood fibre which achieves a wood-body tone which is not compromised by moisture.

Reeds are the key element of sound. The Manji features longer reeds than standard 10-hole harmonicas. Its effect is a deeper, powerful and louder volume. For players familiar with short reed harmonicas, the blow/draw of the long reed can take some adjusting to, however once they become familiar, the superb sound created by the Manji becomes an invaluable element in performance.

Suzuki development and factory technology are invested in the body and cover which also enhance the key factor of sound.

Long reeds are adopted in Olive and diatonic Fabulous too, making these Suzuki harmonicas ideal for players looking for a distinct sound character on single note passages or a broader palette in song performance.

Selecting Suzuki Chromatic Harmonicas – from entry to high-end models.

Suzuki Chromatic Harmonica models include SCX, Sirius, & Gregoire Maret series.

The SCX series are fitted with a short reed system. Stepping up, long reeds are fitted to the Sirius series which has noticable difference of tone.

The other key elements of sound, such as body and cover are developed in such a way to improve sound character to the maximum. For these reasons, top players around the world particularly love the sound of the Sirius & Gregoire Maret harmonicas which is also fitted with long reeds.

In addition to greater volume, broader and deeper tone sets these models apart from other chromatic harmonicas in the market.