The MOP-D10 is a multi-output power supply that was developed by EHX engineers to provide players with noise-free pedal operation. It features ten isolated 9VDC outputs that handle the most popular power requirements: 4x100mA, 2x250mA, 2x300mA and 2x400mA.
From its premium analogue power path featuring low-noise linear regulators to its custom-wound toroidal transformer, the MOP-D10 is designed to let a pedal user achieve a sonically pure signal path. Unlike many other multi-output power supplies which rely on switching power conversion, the MOP-D10’s transformer-based power conversion is significantly less susceptible to spurious noises leaking into the audio path.


• Professional pedalboard power solution with ten isolated 9VDC outputs: 4x100mA, 2x250mA, 2x300mA and 2x400mA
• Provides a premium analogue power path with low-noise linear regulators
• Custom-wound toroidal transformer delivers exceptional isolation and clean power
• Relies on transformer-based power conversion which is superior to switching power conversion
• All output power jacks are isolated from each other for noise-free operation
• Comes with ten 24″ long DC power cables equipped with one straight and one right-angle end
• Includes hardware for pedalboard mounting
• Supplied with four pedalboard mounting brackets and four sheet metal mounting screws to mount to the underside of most medium and large sized pedalboards

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