Equipped with a collection of tremolo-modulations & options in Triangle or Square Wave modes, the Nano Pulsar is a tremolo/panner treasure chest. Amazing in mono or connect in stereo to create shifting waves of sound that surround & fill the space with weaving, pulsating energy.
The Nano Pulsar’s layout is intuitive and using it is easy.
Unlock a world of advanced sound shaping and control. Create tremolo and panning effects that go from sublimely beautiful to downright full-force. The compact Nano Pulsar is a do-it-all, go to pedal for all things tremolo and panning.

– Compact, yet powerful tremolo/panner pedal packed with effects
– Run it in mono or in stereo for a fully immersive tremolo/panning experience
– Flick the Triangle Wave/Square Wave mode switch to determine how sharp or smooth the effect
– Select from falling and rising sawtooth, narrow and wide pulse width, or triangle and square wave tremolo-modulating waveforms to control how the tremolo morphs and evolves
– Know whether the tremolo is on or off before you play a note. The Rate/Status LED pulses at the same rate the effect is modulating when the effect is engaged

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