The smallest & most powerful compact Polyphonic Octave Generator from EHX yet! The Pico POG takes the streamlined approach of the Micro and Nano POGs into an ultra compact chassis adding powerful tone control.
The EHX Pico POG features a lighting fast feel that tracking every note & chord played with precision. Dial in Sub Octave to add stumble rumble or monstrous thunder. Add Octave Up for ethereal air or max out to shred into another galaxy. Perfectly blend 3-voice tones for fat synth madness. Three mode Tone allows tailoring sound control.

– Lightning-fast tracking with perfectly precise octave tones
– 3 volume knobs control level of SUB OCTAVE, OCTAVE UP, and DRY tones
– TONE knob with 3 filter modes
– Tone Mode applied tilt-EQ to all output
– Low Pass Mode applies a resonant low pass filter, allowing low frequencies to pass while cutting higher frequencies of the Sub and Octave Up voices
– High Pass Mode applies a high pass filter, allowing high frequencies to pass while cutting lower frequencies of the Sub and Octave Up voices

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