The Ripped Speaker is a modern fuzz with old-school roots, paying homage to one of the ways that early, distorted guitar and bass sounds were made.
At low fuzz settings the pedal emulates lo-fi distortion sounds of yesteryear, the kinds of sounds created by a razor blade applied to a speaker cone, a loose tube or a faulty channel on a recording console. When you crank the fuzz up the sound is transformed. It’s modern and monumental with a searing, fully saturated, fuzz tone.


• Classic Ripped Speaker
• Blues Rock Fuzz, No Rip
• Fuzz Maxed, Rip at 3 o’clock
• Volume Roll Down, Glassy Clean
• Stacked with Soul Food
• Bass, Low Fuzz Biased Out
• Bias control
• Active tone control
• True bypass switching
• Pedalboard-friendly size

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