Introducing the new Suzuki Omnichord OM-108.

Released in 1981, the Omnichord is an electronic musical instrument with an automatic accompaniment function (auto bass/chord) and a harp sensor. By pressing a chord button and sliding your finger on the harp sensor (strumplate), an arpeggio corresponding to the chord is heard, allowing anyone to easily accompany a song. The Omnichord does not require any previous musical experience with an instrument or knowledge of staff notation. All that is needed are the chord names required to play a song which is a method commonly known as ‘tab’. Combined with its portability, the Omnichord became extremely popular as a musical instrument that anyone could enjoy anywhere.

It is unique in its ability to generate the electronic sounds reminiscent of the 80’s and due to the tactile way musical expressions are achieved, it developed a cult status around the world. It not only appeared in recorded music but also in publicity photos and has featured in the titles of songs and albums. Even after the last model was discontinued in 1996, its popularity remained undiminished and in response to consumer demand, Suzuki developed and released the Omnichord OM-108.

The first global shipments will begin in June and arrive in Australia at the end of July. Please contact your nearest Suzuki dealer to place an order.

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