The Suzuki W-37 was developed for performing artists. It features an all-timber body which differentiate this model in feel, tone & personality from all other types of melodicas.
In particular, for music that requires subtle expression such as jazz, classical or musette, the warm tones of the W-37 harmonise beautifully with other musical instruments while maintaining its distinct character.

The W-37 is handmade from mahogany, walnut & beech wood. The warmth is soft, the carefully finished surface make it possible for fingers to move smoothly and play comfortably. With a sense of tonal assurity from Suzuki’s phosphor bronze reeds, focus remains on stress-free performance.

Suzuki won the 2017 Good Design Award for the W-37. It received recognition for excellence of the timber finish and the high degree of completion as a musical instrument in pursuit of the tone.

All-timber body, all-timber keys & phosphor bronze reed plate

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