The plain DOMINANT PRO E string DP01 with a core of carbon steel is tin
plated. A protective layer of nickel is placed between the outer coating of tin
and the steel core in order to increase the corrosion resistance compared with
conventional ti n plated strings. However, the corrosion resistance is lower
than that of plain stainless steel strings (NO.129) as well as the stainless steel
strings with gold and platinum plating (e.g.: DP01AU & DP01PT).

Thanks to a specially developed wire treatment, however, we have succeeded
in creating E strings like the DOMINANT PRO DP01, which offers a high level
of resistance to bow pressure already at 0.265 mm with no loss of color or
strain on the instrument. This wire treatment makes the sound soft enough
that it does not have a screeching effect, and brilliant enough that it offers
sufficient radian ce, projection and resistance to bow pressure. As a result, the
string sounds broad and brilliant even without applying much pressure. Removable ball end.

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