The D-string is the violin’s leading string. Accordingly, it has a very strong influence on the remaining strings in all aspects of play. The tonal lifespan of the entire violin string set is chiefly dependent upon this string. With the help of a novel silver alloy, we were able to combine the advantages of a silver string with those of an aluminium string in the DOMINANT PRO DP03A while also eliminating their drawbacks.

What this means is that the DOMINANT PRO D-string offers a very refined bow noise, brilliance and pronounced sound colour with a good deal of modulation capacity. This combination guarantees an ideal ability to sustain sound and projection in halls. Unlike conventional silver D-strings, it has a more direct bow response and does a better job of suppressing wolf tones in combination with the new G-string. The diameter is somewhat smaller than that of a synthetic A-string. This makes the string pleasant to play and means that it feels at once both supple and resilient beneath the left and right hand.

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