Of all the E strings described, DP01PT has the greatest projection
capacity. It combines the clarity of the gold plated DP01AU with the
re sponse of the tin plated DP01. Like DP01AU, the DP01PT is also
extremely corrosion resistant, but has less of a tendency to whistle and
offers more brilliance in comparison. Due to its outstanding projection
capability and clarity, it can be unsuitable for sensitive ears.

As a result of its larger diameter (0.268 mm as opposed NO.DP01 and
DP01AU with 0.265 mm), it offers more resistance to bow pressure and
is also better suited to a very low string position.

Tip: players must also be careful when using a fine tuner hook with
DP01PT , always ensure that the sharp edges are rounded down.
Removable ball end.

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