In comparison to the other E-strings, DP01SN, has a smaller diameter and is therefore ideally suited to instruments with a normal or high string position (high bridge or lowered fingerboard). Compared to the DP01, the DP01SN is not underlaid with nickel and is therefore somewhat more susceptible to corrosion. Thanks to a thicker layer of tin however, it sounds warmer than DP01 and much warmer than DP01AU and DP01PT.

The DP01SN also has the lowest string tension of all DOMINANT PRO E-strings, which means that almost no strain is exerted on the instruments and they can be greatly opened in terms of sound. This leads to a good bow response and also promotes the instrument’s radiance. Its low string tension means that it has the lowest resistance to bow pressure of all the DOMINANT PRO E-strings. Removable ball end.

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